How to Make a Blessing Bag

As the temperature drops, now is the time to consider making your own blessing bags at home to carry with you in your car or on your commute.  When you see someone experiencing homelessness, simply say hello and offer the bag.  Consider introducing yourself and offer a kind word along with a blessing bag. Immanuel makes blessing bags during some Service Sundays (pictured above), but you can make your own at home anytime!

Here are some items that you can include in your bags when you make them at home this fall:

⦁    Include a card about 211 (Print one here!)

⦁    Include a double-sided note about The Lamb Center and Coordinated Services in Fairfax County (Print one here!)

⦁    Hand warmers

⦁    Foot warmers

⦁    Lip balm

⦁    Hand lotion

⦁    Nuts (ask about allergies before you hand out bags with nuts though!)

⦁    Think protein: include jerky, pop-tab beans (with a spoon!), on-the-go tuna packets

⦁    Fruit: dried fruit, fruit cups (with a spoon!), pop-top fruit, etc.

⦁    Granola bars, nut bars, breakfast bars

⦁    Emergency blanket (the silver kind that you might take hiking)

⦁    Rain poncho

New:  Include an info sheet on homeless shelters in Northern VA (print one here!)

Want to learn more about Service Sundays and get involved? Click here!