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Music Opportunities for Adults

If you wish to participate in Immanuel’s music program, please contact Patrick Walker.


Sanctuary Choir
  • Join anytime. Anyone with the ability to match pitch and hold a tune is welcome.
  • Central ensemble of music program. Presents music most Sundays during the 10:00 a.m. service.
  • Offers fun, fellowship and the opportunity to sing a wide variety of music.
  • Rehearse Tuesdays from in the Music Room.
Motet Choir
  • Based on space available.
  • Provides opportunity to present more challenging music.
  • Rehearse Tuesdays in the Music Room


Sanctuary Bells

If you’re interested in bell-ringing at Immanuel, please contact Patrick Walker.


  • If you sing or play an instrument and wish to present music during either of the Sunday services, please contact Patrick Walker.

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Opportunities during Evening Worship

If you wish to participate in our Immanuel in the Evening Worship group, please contact for details on available opportunities.

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