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Christian Spiritual Disciplines for the 21st Century: September 11, 18, and 25

Do Christians meditate? Join Immanuel in the Evening as we explore three spiritual disciplines Christians have used throughout the centuries to encounter the ineffa-ble, experience community, and gain strength for their journey. Each week we will discuss the history and diversity of a discipline and then allow for personal prac-tice; this fall, we will discuss…


“Celebrate Calm” Free Parenting Seminars at Immanuel – October 5 & 6

Join us for a free “10 Ways to Stop Defiance, Disrespect & Yelling” seminar. “Celebrate Calm” Founder Kirk Martin has helped 500,000 parents stop the defiance, disrespect, yelling and power struggles with the most strong-willed children. His strategies are concrete, practical, and work in the toughest situations. Two free workshops – no need to register.    …

pastor katie

Evenings with Pastor Katie – August 24

We invite you to participate in an “Evening with Pastor Katie,” a small group that will meet for refreshments and conversation so we can get to know Pastor Katie and she can get to know us.  Our Wednesday, August 24, gathering will be hosted by Drayanne and Paul Erickson in Vienna. We are aiming for…


Woodworking for Kids at IPC! Sundays This Summer!

Listen for the sound of hammers and saws this summer as some of the woodworkers in our congregation pass their skills and passion onto the children and teenagers! Each Sunday, following the Message for Young Disciples, children ages 3 and older will be invited to head to the Meeting House to make walking sticks, birdhouses,…


A Resolution Against Violence

At its stated meeting in April of 2015, the Session of Immanuel passed a resolution addressing the levels of violence around the world. Members of Immanuel commented on the horrific level of violence, particularly against innocents and Christians, reported at that time from hostilities in Iraq. They inquired as to whether the Session would respond…


Have You Tried Our Immanuel in the Evening 5:30pm Service?

Do you have a busy Sunday morning schedule? Or maybe you simply prefer a later start? We invite you to try our 5:30pm evening service! Immanuel in the Evening offers an informal, “come as you are” atmosphere, a terrific live band, faith-sharing moments, and the same insightful sermon from our morning service.    

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