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Tears and Living Water [Devotional]

I love this passage—even though I have no idea what Jesus is talking about. Lots of things flow out of my life; I doubt any of them are living water. I think on my best days I am better likened to a tepid, dripping tap.

Getting to Know Susan Graceson

Susan Graceson has served as Immanuel’s Interim Director of Children’s Ministries since August of 2015. As part of our introductory blog series, we asked Susan a few fun questions about her background and interests.

Introducing Pastor Katie

In addition to her credentials and experience, Pastor Katie also has amazing stories to tell. In hopes of hearing some of those stories, we asked her a few untraditional introductory questions.

In the Presence of Mine Enemies [Devotional]

The 23rd Psalm says that God prepares a table for me in the presence of my enemies. I have wondered who those people might be. I think of faceless enemies, arrayed around the wall, not at the table. The psalmist did not say I would share the table with them, necessarily, but that they would see that I have a source of health and well-being, protection and love.

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Ready for School to Start? Five Free Activities for Kids in Northern Virginia

There’s over a month of summer vacation left for kids in Fairfax County, and you might be running low on ideas to keep your family entertained. To help make the most of the last days of summer, we’ve compiled our favorite list of fun activities for kids in Northern Virginia. Best of all, everything on the list is completely free.