UPDATE: Immanuel Tree Giveaway and Planting

The Green Team is still planning to provide a tree to Immanuel families and friends at the beginning of May to restore the tree environment of McLean and surrounding areas. We provided a sign-up opportunity for those who know which tree variety they would like to reserve ahead of time, such as sugar maple, American beech, American hornbeam, and Buttonbush tree. Because they are all native to Virginia, they will be very attractive to birds and pollinators that play such an important part in the overall environment.

You may wonder what’s involved in planting one of the trees we get from Fairfax Releaf. Because they are relatively young (about 3 years old), they need no elaborate preparation for planting. They will have bare roots, and should be planted as soon as possible in a hole big enough to stretch out their roots downward, and then you can refill with the dirt you dig out. See this very helpful video on bare root planting from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation How to Plant a Bare Root Tree Seedling – Chesapeake Bay Foundation (cbf.org) . The most important support you can give the tree is to be sure it is watered regularly through the first summer while it becomes comfortable in your yard.

Feel free to ask your neighbors if they might want to plant a tree too. Every tree planted celebrates God’s good green Earth!