Sunday Stations At Immanuel: A Weekly Intergenerational Event

Immanuel launched a new, intergenerational educational opportunity this month, Sunday Stations (pictured right). To learn more about this exciting opportunity, Pastor Susan and Billy Kluttz sat down for a conversation:

BK: What are Sunday Stations?

SG: “Sunday Stations” is a new weekly intergenerational event. It begins with a light breakfast, and then features “stations” focused on fellowship, mission, and education. Our hope is to provide a time and place for everyone in our congregation, from infant to age 100 and beyond, to spend time together, enjoying one another’s company in a relaxed way, and enrich and expand their faith in new and varied ways.  We will feature at least 3 stations each week.  Last week was our first week and it was great! Participants enjoyed these 5 stations:  Button Builders, Mission Makers Jewelry, Bible Basics, Care Corner, and the Get-to-Know-You Nook.

BK: When and where are Sunday Stations happening?

SG: Every Sunday morning at 9 am, in the Assembly Hall of the Meeting House (upper level).

BK: Who are Sunday stations for?

SG: Everyone!!  Sunday Stations are for individuals, groups, families, old, young — everyone! Really!!

BK: What are some possible Sunday stations we might see in the future? Are you looking for possible station ideas?

SG: Various committees and groups can “sponsor” stations.  Some possibilities are: Learning how to knit blankets for Immanuel newborns, letter-writing campaigns, Bible study, scripture games, making items to benefit Chesterbrook Residences, preparing hygiene kits, assembling care packages, coloring get-well cards — the possibilities are endless!

BK: How do I use the stations? Is there a right or wrong way?

SG: However you like.  There is no right or wrong way.  You can stay at one station the entire time, or rotate among different stations.  Also, you don’t need to arrive right at 9.  You can pop in any time between 9:00 and 9:45 am.

BK: How is this different from regular Sunday school?

SG: Children’s Sunday School is now held during the morning worship service after “Time with Young Disciples.” Sunday Stations allow people of all ages to learn and fellowship together, rather than being separated by age, interest, or gender.

BK: This sounds awesome! What are you most excited about with this change?

SG: I am most excited about the opportunity to strengthen bonds and passions and interests among the members and friends of our faith family!  Many of our members come only to the worship services and do not have opportunities to be involved in other ways — Sunday Stations is easy one-stop-shopping for anyone wanting more fellowship, more scripture study, more mission work, more time together as a faith family!