New Titles in Immanuel's Library This December

Immanuel’s library has added great new titles this winter! Check out our latest additions below.  Click here to search the entire Immanuel library. Special thanks to Margaret Raymond for her oversight of Immanuel’s library and her wonderful synopses below.


History: Ottoman Empire and Islamic Tradition by Norman Itzkowitz. A 1980 history is never too old: An introduction to the historical development of the Ottoman Empire, and an appreciation of its institutions, social structure and intellectual foundations, beginning with the Byzantine frontier.







Spirituality: Fingerprints of God: the Search for the Science of Spirituality by Barbara Bradley Hagerty. 2009.  Where does the spiritual experience come from? Is it real? Or a delusion? Why do people report the same experiences? Why does prayer work? Why is Alcoholics Anonymous successful? Hagerty investigates Christian Science, serotonin, meditation, peyote, genetics, near-death experiences, addiction, epileptic seizures and more. Broken-ness is the common denominator, she finds.





Living: This I Believe II: more personal philosophies of remarkable men and women. 2008. Based on an NPR series, 75 essayists from all walks of life. Sister Helen Prejean begins: “I watch what I do to see what I really believe.” Elie Wiesel remembers May 1944. “For my tradition, as a Jew, I believe that whatever we receive we must share…. When we endure an experience, it must be opened, shared. It must become an offering.”