International Mission

The International Mission Committee envisions Immanuel as the one Body of Christ, undivided by race, culture, nationality, social class or economic status. We want to build relationships with other cultures in which we meet one another as equals and we learn from one another.

Click here to read a letter from Partner for Surgery discussing the positive impact of IPC’s donations!


  • We believe international educational and cultural exchange further ensures long-term relationships and understanding.
  • We believe if people can better understand other cultures, they are more tolerant and accepting of differences.
  • We believe that greater understanding between individuals and peoples, worldwide, reveals universal values and aspirations.
  • We believe we should express Immanuel’s tradition of social compassion through support for organizations that share our values.

We Do International Mission through:


We offer cultural interchange in which the congregation can learn and share experiences with other cultures:

  • For adults, we offer lectures and discussions during the education hour in the
  • Special congregational forums on topics of global interest.
  • For senior high youth, we offer opportunities to participate in global mission trips as well as PCUSA-sponsored mission conferences in the U.S.

Mission Trips

The Committee has coordinated trips to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Peru and is evaluating future trips to South Africa and Brazil. Since many in our congregation will not be able to travel, we encourage participation through in-house collection drives to involve as many as possible.

Partnership Development

Since 2004, we have either sent a group to Moyobamba, Peru or individuals from the Moyobamba Presbyterian Church have been hosted by our members and guests of Immanuel. In 2011-2012, we worked with and through Lutheran Support Services to sponsor an Iranian refugee family who has relocated and settled in Northern Virginia.

If you are interested in serving on our committee or would like to recommend an organization, please contact the church office for further information.

International Organizations We Support

Through Immanuel’s benevolence budget and our annual church auction we have been able to disburse funds and sponsor drives for needed goods for those with whom we are in partnership and have developed a trusted relationship.

KENYA EDUCATION FUND ( – Provide disadvantaged students in Kenya, and their schools, with support and educational resources so that they may improve their communities and break the cycle of poverty in Kenya.

PRESBYTERIAN FRONTIER FELLOWSHIP ( – As part of God’s mission to the world, invite believing communities to engage people groups where the good news of Jesus and his kingdom is not yet known.

THE OUTREACH FOUNDATION ( – Engaging Presbyterians and global partners in proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ.

PARTNER FOR SURGERY ( – To connect patients in need of surgical care with the international volunteer triage and surgical teams that travel to Guatemala, and to educate and empower rural Guatemalans to advocate for vital health care services on their own behalf

GENOCIDE WATCH ( – Predict, prevent, stop and punish genocide and other forms of mass murder. We seek to raise awareness and influence public policy concerning potential and actual genocide. Our purpose is to build an international movement to prevent and stop genocide.

FIVE TALENTS ( – Fight poverty, create jobs and transform lives by empowering the poor in developing countries through innovative savings and microcredit programs, business training and spiritual development.

ONE THOUSAND SCHOOLS (formerly STUDENTS HELPING HONDURAS) ( – End extreme poverty and violence in Honduras through education and youth empowerment.

PARTNERS IN DEVELOPMENT ( – Strives to help impoverished communities obtain independence and whole life improvement.

GLOBAL CAMPS AFRICA ( – Changes the lives of South Africa’s vulnerable children and youth by providing HIV/AIDS prevention education and training through high impact residential and day camp experiences and continuing education, equipping young people with the life skills that will support them in becoming safe and productive adults who have hope for the future.

SAN LUCAS CLINIC (MOYOBAMBA)– Established in 1866 the San Lucas clinic seeks to improve the quality of life of the nearby rural population by teaching and/or providing sustainable developmental processes which address deficient sanitation conditions, poor dietary and hygiene habits, unsafe living conditions and the need for environmental preservation.

ANNIE SOPER SCHOOL (MOYOBAMBA) – A private school established in 1990 the Annie Soper school strives to offer a high standard of grade and high school education based on a Christian worldview and available to both those inside and outside the Moyobamba faith community and particularly the poor.

HEART FOR MOLDOVA ( – Assist in helping orphans with their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. Also, open the first Christian orphanage in Moldova.

PLOWSHARES INSTITUTE ( – Mediation, consulting and facilitation efforts involving international conflict resolution.

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