IPC Library

The IPC Library has a number of wonderful resources. Wondering what to read? Try one of Immanuel’s Godbook reading recommendations!

Checking Out Items

To check out items from the library, please fill out the card located inside the back cover of the book or video item.  Name and current date should be provided.  Please put the card in the front of the card file box located on the stand next to the entry door that is closest to the side of the Meeting House where you entered the building.

Returning Items

Returned library items should be placed in the top bin of the stand that holds the checkout card file.  Please do not reshelf the items.

Items in the Library

Below are links to the catalog of items that are in the library.  A printed copy of the catalog is located in the library on the stand that holds the card file, but the most up to date listing will be on the web site.
There are two different versions of the catalog available for your use, a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet version and a PDF version.

  • Excel Catalog (Note: The Excel Catalog is the most up to date listing, PDF versions may be older than the Excel version. Last updated (06/02/2019).

PDF Catalog Sorted by:

Note: If your web browser opens up PDF files with Acrobat Reader, you can use the Acrobat “find” function to search the PDF Catalogs.  If your computer has Micorsoft Excel installed (Comes with Microsoft Office), you should be able to click on the Excel Catalog Link and have it open in Excel.  There are three main worksheets, each sorted by either Title, Author or Category.  The worksheet labeled New Items contains new library items. Newer additions are on the top of the list.  You can use the “find” feature (Ctrl-F) to search.

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