Making Room: Try Composting

“Then God planted a garden in Eden, in the east. He put the man he had just made in it. God made all kinds of trees grow from the ground, trees beautiful to look at and good to eat. The Tree-of-Life was in the middle of the garden, also the Tree-of-Knowledge-of-Good-and-Evil.” Genesis 2: 8-9


Today’s eco-tip comes from Immanuel member Lynley Ogilvie:

Most people think of composting as a big commitment — they think you have to produce lots of waste, have a big property, buy a composting bin and make time to turn and heat the compost. But really, anyone can compost some of the time, and every single thing kept out of a landfill and returned to the soil is worthwhile. Keep a small plastic container next to your kitchen sink and use it to collect apple cores, carrot peels, the ends of green beans, etc.  Avoid meats and fats — they tend to attract vermin — but all fruits, vegetables and plants are fair game. Then, every few days, empty the container in an appropriate composting location — which can be a hidden spot in your yard (behind the garage, in the woods, etc.) with a simple wire circle set up to contain the waste while it breaks down.  Live in a condo?  Maybe the condo board would consider buying a composting bin for the residents. Or hire Veterans Compost to pick it up on a regular basis, and you’ll be supporting local veterans and helping the Earth. (See for details.)


Here’s a prayer for today:

Holy One,
The Repurposing One,
You are the collector of our scraps
The one who holds our energy, our scars, our second starts
Help us to let go
And help us to trust in your cycle of life
That sprouts in well-worn soil
And even our hardened hearts