Immanuel joins More Light Presbyterians: Letter from Pastor Aaron

Friends, on behalf of the Session, I have some wonderful news to share: Immanuel Presbyterian Church is officially part of the network of More Light Presbyterians.  I am proud of our leaders for taking this step.

How was Session inspired to begin this conversation?

And a little child shall lead them. –Isaiah 11:6b

Recognizing that a number of Immanuel’s members, friends, young people, and staff are either LGBTQ or have dear ones who are—and desirous of being fully and truly supportive of them—the Children’s Ministry Team requested that our Session discuss, learn about, and vote on becoming part of the More Light network of P.C.(U.S.A.) churches.  After several months of conversation, learning, and prayer, the Session voted to approve Immanuel becoming part of the More Light network.  

What does it mean to be “More Light?”

My hope is that you, as a member or friend of Immanuel, already feel welcomed and at home here.  I envision becoming More Light part of our ongoing community commitment to extend hospitality and welcome to one another.  Becoming More Light allows us all the opportunity to widen that welcome by stating who we already are directly—a community of faith which affirms that God loves everyone and all are welcome here, no exceptions.  I believe that Session’s vote to become part of the More Light network is all about openness: openness of the table, openness of God’s grace, openness for our continued growth in learning how to welcome each other fully, and openness toward learning more about how we can support one another’s full participation in the life of the church and society.  

As a new More Light church, we will have opportunities in the coming year for continued growth through teach-ins, conversations together, and resourcing through the network.  I, for one, am eager to learn more about living out God’s love in ways that are intentionally inclusive and expansive, as Immanuel seeks to do already, and as I understand God’s beloved community to be.  I hope you’ll join me in learning more too, because the More Light network’s mission statement is all at once simple and profound:

We’re working toward the full participation of LGBTQ people in the life, ministry and witness of the Presbyterian Church (USA) – and in society.

If you’d like to chat with any of the pastoral staff about Session’s recent affirmation, feel free to come a little early to the 2nd Wednesday and 2nd Thursday committee meeting nights in October.  We’ll be available to chat informally from 5:30-6pm on October 9th and 10th.  I’d also like to encourage you to start learning more with me here:


With hope and joy,

Pastor Aaron