Finding Our True Selves, Suffering, and Discernment: 3 Books for Spiritual Growth [Godbooks]

Spiritual questions are not easy: Who am I? Why does suffering happen? How do I decide what to do next? This week, we offer three books based on deeply spiritual questions from Immanuel’s Godbook recommendations. Click here to search the Immanuel library! Click here to recommend a book yourself! Click here to search the Godbook archives.

Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self  by Richard Rohr. Recommended by: Jeanne Lenczyk. Rating: 9/10. From Publishers Weekly: Grasping on the superficial identities of false self, such as job, class, race, or accomplishments, can keep people from being the loving and generous conduits of the Divine that they are meant to be. God is always communicating with humans, but those who cling to ego and social positions can’t hear these divine messages. The author makes clear that it is not easy to shed this falseness for truth in the inner life, but it is a spiritual path well worth the effort. Purchase on Cokesbury, ThoughtfulChristian, or Amazon.

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After the Darkest Hour: How Suffering Begins the Journey to Wisdom by Kathleen Brehony. Recommended by Sallie C. Rating: 10/10. The author tackles the difficult topic of suffering, why it happens and how it can lead to growth. Of the many books I’ve read on handling tough times, this is one of the very best. Purchase on Cokesbury, ThoughtfulChristian, or Amazon.

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Listening Hearts by Suzanne Farnham, Joseph Gill, Taylor McLean and Susan Ward. Recommended by Steve P. Rating: 10/10. We read this book in an Immanuel small group years ago and it changed the way I think about call. It is designed for small groups and is based on Quaker principles of listening and group discernment.  The approach suggested is intended to help those seeking to discern God’s will for a variety of important life decisions. Purchase on Cokesbury, ThoughtfulChristian, or Amazon.

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