Together at Immanuel this year, we’re trying something new! Every second Sunday will be Family Sundays at Immanuel, and ALL generations are invited to participate!

Immanuel families with children in 8th grade and under, we hope to see YOU at 8:45am on the second Sunday of every month in 2023 for a breakfast followed by storytelling with Pastor Emma and small group discussion before we join the 10:00am worship service in the sanctuary!

Here’s what we’re trying out together every second Sunday...

From 8-8:45am, our breakfast team volunteers will arrive and prepare a healthy breakfast for all of the Immanuel families with kids in 8th grade and under.

At 8:45am, families arrive, make a plate, and grab a seat– parents at one table, k-5th grade at one table, and 6th-8th grade at another. These will be our small groups every second Sunday this year!

At 9am, we’ll start with our story from scripture! Pastor Emma will lead our storytelling and invite us to wonder about different parts of the story as we hear it. All three small groups listen to this story together, until around 9:10 or 9:15, when we’ll divide up into our small groups for our deeper explorations and conversations.

At 9:50am, we’ll head over to the sanctuary for our time of worship, which will look a little bit different than normal. On those Sundays, the whole congregation will experience God together in a service where we’re invited to come to God as little children– which we know is how Jesus teaches us to approach the kin-dome of heaven. There will be some special interactive pieces and different sorts of liturgy in worship that invite us all into child-like faith and make a space for children and youth to engage in worship more deeply!

Every second Sunday during this Family Sunday worship experience, Immanuelites of all generations are invited to be co-creators of a new way of worshiping God where children lead us. Together we’ll have the opportunity to grow in faith through play, prayer, song, and more. Our next Family Sunday worship worship experience, including the special time of a shared meal and stories with Immanuelites coming to church with young people in junior high and younger will be on Sunday, March 12th!