Creative Care for Community: Ways to Support SHARE!

As we each reach out to SHARE of McLean, our local food pantry, to provide direct donations, one Immanuelite family came up with a creative way to support our neighbors. Thanks to participation from many Immanuelites and friends throughout the community, here’s what we heard from Lynley:
“My family and I want to thank everyone who supported the plant sale fundraiser for share. We raised over $5000 thanks to your enthusiastic response. We heard so many kind comments about Share these last few days. It’s clear that people in our community want to support the organization anyway they can. One of my neighbors mention that the McLean Giant lets customers purchase grocery gift cards at the register and turn them in for delivery to Share a Giant’s customer service desk. How easy is that? It’s a great way to help out the many, many families who cannot afford to stock their pantries right now. Thank you again and be well.”