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Getting to Know Sarah Sherman

Sarah Sherman joined Immanuel as Music Assistant for Children and Youth in October 2016. Sarah graduated with a degree in Music from the University of Virginia, and is thrilled to be working with the young people at Immanuel!

Do We Mean Every Word? [Devotional]

“Be Thou My Vision” is my favorite hymn. In hymns as with people, “favorites” are generously rich inspiring and thoughtful words. As with people, there are also parts of which we are not so fond.

In Their Own Words: A Conversation With the Author

On October 23, Immanuel will welcome scholar and renowned organist, Dr. Eileen Guenther, as she discusses her book, In Their Own Words: Slave Life and the Power of Spirituals. This groundbreaking study of slavery and spirituals is the first to place the unique voices of an enslaved people squarely within the context of their daily lives.

Sharing Our Sorrows [Devotional]

By sharing our sorrows, our pain, our joys, our hopes, we allow our true selves to be seen by others and we become open in way that enables others to be the face and presence of God right here with us.

Shakespeare or Scripture? Take Our Quiz!

The Bible is filled with poetry. But how do we read through the metaphors and similes of Scripture? How does that change our interpretation of holy texts? How might seeing Scripture in a specific genre nourish our spirituality in new ways?

Why Bonhoeffer Still Matters: Questions and Quotes

The 2016 Presidential election has brought a renewed interest in Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s life and writing. Perhaps this shouldn’t be a surprise. Most election years bring (more than) a few thought-pieces and editorials drawing connections between current candidates and Bonhoeffer’s well-known context and work.

Why Do You Walk Labyrinths? [Devotional]

Why do you walk labyrinths?, my friend asked, as we completed the many circuits of an outdoor labyrinth. I have many answers: because I like to walk them; because they leave me with a feeling of peace; because they impose a slower, more meditative rhythm in my day.

Coloring, Now and Then

Coloring quickly became a way for me to pass the time, sitting with my Mom, ready to chat when she wanted to. And there were pretty pictures to show her along the way. When I was at home and couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night, coloring became a way to fill the void.

Three Books to Read This Fall

Who said that back to school books were only for kids and college students? The fall is a great time for reading. Here are three great books to consider adding to your list.

5 Spiritual Ways to De-stress This Fall

As fall begins, so does a new season of stress. But returning to school and work after time off during the summer doesn’t have to bring anxiety. Try one of the tips below for a calmer return to your autumn routine.