Immanuel’s Healthcare Navigation Team

What is Immanuel’s Healthcare Navigation Team?

A number of people in our congregation have been seeking help dealing with our complex healthcare system,  especially in matters of:

  • finding providers of care
  • obtaining & choosing appropriate insurance coverage
  • understanding bills, co-payments & deductibles
  • processing claims
  • dealing with the business side of healthcare in the midst of difficult medical conditions and crises.

We have formed a team of Immanuel members who have the background, skills and desire to help with these needs. They include physicians, nurses, business people and attorneys, among others. We have identified a range of community health resources such as hospitals, medical societies and social assistance programs with which we can connect patients and their families. Printed material from a number of these organizations is available in the church library.  Click here for a PDF of the Healthcare Navigation Team’s brochure.

Healthcare Navigation Team’s Mission Statement

  The Immanuel Presbyterian Church Healthcare Navigation Team (IPC-HNT) is based on the following principles and goals, informed by our faith:

  •  Immanuel Presbyterian Church (IPC) is a spiritual community dedicated to a lifelong exploration of faith.
  •  A living faith community requires dedication to its members and a commitment to enriching the lives of those around us.
  • Maintaining optimal health is a priority for our members in order to enhance the ability to continue their faith journey independent of age.
  • The complexities of modern medicine include a wide array of insurance options, resources that are challenging to access, confusing alignments of care deliverers, ever-expanding technology options, end-of-life decisions while maintaining dignity, and advances in mental health support, to name a few.
  • IPC-HNT is committed to utilizing the skill sets of volunteer IPC members to support, encourage and advocate for other IPC members facing healthcare challenges to help them achieve a better today, which is the gift we are given each morning.

How to Get Help from Our Team

The Navigation Team works within IPC’s  Congregational Care Committee, which will connect you with the right team member and oversee how to best meet your needs.

Call or email or and share your situation.

You can also speak to any member of Immanuel’s clergy (Pastors Aaron, Katie or Susan) and they will help to connect you, as well.  Know that everyone involved will respect your privacy and be discreet.