Worship Services

10:00am & 5:30pm


1125 Savile Lane McLean, VA 22101

Children’s Activities & Special Events


Children’s Activities

  • Music & Mission Sundays are held three or four times a year. Children are given an opportunity to participate in a hands-on local mission program and learn special seasonal church music.
  • Children’s Choir Program
  • Our Library (located in Room 203 of the Meeting House) has hundreds of children’s books and audio-visuals for all age levels.

Special Events

Join our family-oriented intergenerational events held throughout the year. All are welcome!

  • Fall Hayride
  • December Tree Trimming Party
  • Lenten event

“Immanuel at Night” Live!

  • Fun & Games Night
  • Jewish Seder Meal

The programs are usually held on an evening from 5-7 p.m. with a meal included. There is a small admission fee to cover the cost of the meal and materials.



If your child is new to Immanuel, please download our Church School Registration Form.