Grear Memorial Garden

Within the shadow of the sanctuary is a Memorial Garden for the interment or scattering of cremains of members, former members and family members of the Immanuel Congregation. The towering trees afford peace, serenity, and a place to meditate and consider one’s own life in Christ. The Garden is named in memory of Rev. Richard Grear, a former pastor of Immanuel.


Records of the interment or scattering of the cremains are kept in the Book of The Memorial Garden in the church office. The records consist of the name of the person, their life dates, and the date and approximate location of the interment. In addition, the names of those who are interred or scattered will be inscribed on a Memorial Plaque in the breezeway of the church house.


Arrangements for interment or the scattering of cremains are made according to the wishes of the family and by arrangement with the pastors and the church office. Usually the cremains are committed in connection with a memorial service held in the church. Sites need not be reserved in advance.


There is no charge for the use of the Garden. Donations are used for the upkeep of the Garden and the purchase of additional plantings.


Families or individuals who wish to donate shrubs, trees or plants to beautify the Garden may consult with the Memorial Garden Committee of the church. We adhere to a Master Plan Design for selected plantings in the Garden.

Use of Garden

Members are free to select any available location within the Garden after consulting the plot plan in the church office. Each burial plot within the Garden will be approximately 15" square. No markers will be used within the Garden to identify burials, but those sites will be noted on the plot plan. Biodegradable containers, approximately 11” square, must be used and are available from any funeral home. Once interred, cremains may not be moved, except by approval of church officers.