End of Life Planning

Funeral and End of Life Planning

Many of us never think about the kind of arrangements 
we would like for ourselves or members of our families until the end of life is near. 
Then, under the strain of emotional stress and the necessity of making decisions quickly we are not in a position to consider alternatives. But there are many options available if we consider our plans in advance.

The Congregational Care Committee has developed materials to assist in end-of-life planning. These can be viewed on this website as a Word document or PDF document, or you may obtain a printed version available in the Immanuel Library or by contacting the Church Office. There’s also a helpful article on funerals here.

Setting the overall framework is the Presbyterian Church’s statement on “Death and the Service of Witness to the Resurrection” from the Book of Order of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. In addition there is a preplanning form for the funeral service, as well as lists (not meant to be all-inclusive) of appropriate scriptures and hymns. Findings from a survey of funeral homes and their customers as well as information related to burial, cremation, and organ donation are included in an article reprinted from the Washington Consumers’ “Checkbook.”

Additional materials are provided that may assist you in other aspects of end-of-life planning. They include: guidance on obituaries and death notices; reminders of actions to be taken when a person dies (provided by the Memorial Society of Northern Virginia); and a list of post-funeral tasks (provided by the Money and King Funeral Home).

All memorial and funeral services must be prepared in consultation with the officiating clergy. Following funeral and memorial services held at Immanuel, the Congregational Care Committee, upon request, will host a reception for the family and guests.

If you would like to discuss your plans for any of these services, please contact an Immanuel pastor.

-The Congregational Care Committee