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Our 2017 Theologian-in-Residence, MaryAnn McKibben Dana

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 We are excited to announce that our TIR speaker for October 14 & 15 2017 will be MaryAnn McKibben Dana, author of Sabbath in the Suburbs: A Family’s Experiment with Holy Time.  McKibben Dana’s presentation weekend at Immanuel will focus on her forthcoming work related to “improv theology,” but we hope you will enjoy her work on Sabbath keeping leading up to the event.

Amazon describes her work as follows:

“Life felt like a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle with 600 pieces.” So writes MaryAnn McKibben Dana in the introduction of her book. As she considered her family’s frenetic suburban existence–a relentless list of work, errands, carpool, dishes, email, bills, yardwork–she knew something had to change.

The family faced a choice: to continue at the same frantic pace or to fight back with a radically different way of being. They went radical. For one year, they committed to a practice of Sabbath-keeping. For a whole day each week, they set aside their doing in order to simply be. Work took a backseat to games, walks, Legos, naps, homebrewing, and leisurely contentment. The practice never got easier–the house was a mess, the kids still fought–but Sabbath became the one essential “to-do” each week.

With lively prose (“a fresh voice and energy” -Publishers Weekly), Dana documents the Sabbath experiment as a guide for families of all shapes and sizes. Each chapter includes tips to help you claim Sabbath moments–to see time not as an enemy to subdue, but as a friend to savor.




Author: Russ Carlton