The group is capped at 24. The towns we pass through are small; it is hard to keep a larger group together.  Because this is a spiritual journey as well as a delightful walking time in Galicia, we are requiring 2 10-mile training walks and 2 in-person meetings; optional walks offered.  This means that we are limited to those who live close enough to participate, at least initially. If the group has not filled by early September, we will reconsider adding those who are at a distance.

We will depart from the US on June 18, 2023, arriving in Santiago de Compostela airport on the 19th. Each will choose his/her/their own flights. There are no direct flights, at least one stopover will be needed.  Be sure to leave time to change planes at your stopover; one hour recommended for international flights; at least that for Madrid.  We return on June 29, 2023.  DO NOT BOOK FLIGHTS UNTIL OUR CAMINO IS CONFIRMED.  After booking your flights, let us know your flight number and arrival time.  We will schedule the bus to meet the greatest number of pilgrims.

In the itinerary below, you will see that the longest days from the previous itinerary have been divided. June 27 is now our longest day.

ITINERARY  June 19-29

19 June.  Arrive at Santiago, transfer to Sarria hotel

20 June. Sarria to Morgade 12.1 km/7.5 mles

21 June Morgade to Portomarin  9.8 km/6.1mi

22 June Portomarin to Ventas, with transfer back to Portomarin   12.7.5km/7.9 mi

23 June  transfer back to Ventas. Walk to Palas de Rei  11.5km/7.1 mi

24 June. Palas de Rei to Melide14.7km/9.1mi

25 June Melide to Arzua 14.3km/ 8.9 mi

26 June Arzua to Rua 17.5km/ 10.9mi

27 June Rua to Santiago 20.5km/12.7 mi

28  June. extra day in Santiago.Covid test if necessary.  Optional tour of the Cathedral and Historic Center or trip to Finesterre [Land’s End- the ocean]. Not included in price of trip.

29 June. onward travel after breakfast. End of covered costs.

          Regular bus service to the airport from downtown.  Group could order taxi.

Cost: Euros 1,247 [USD $1,308.71] Per Person, sharing a 2 twin bed room. Breakfast and Dinner included.  {Note: price might fluctuate a small amount with exchange rate shifts; won’t be much].  Single Supplement: Euros 250.USD$264, for persons not sharing a room.  Euro 374.17/ USD$393.69 or 30% non-refundable deposit due at booking. Remainder one month ahead of trip, May 19, 2023.

To Pay: call Follow the Camino, on their US number.877-778-1750. Give them the Reference No. 1410D.  They will take your email address and send you a link/invitation to the website where you can enter your credit card information. **for full details see below.  You will see who else has made his/her deposit.   One person can pay for a couple, if wish.

Time and starting point for the Warm-up hikes will be posted in the E-Presence closer to the start: Sunday, Oct. 23 at 1pm.

Hiking Preparation (all open to everyone, pilgrim or not!)

Hikes below are all optional training hikes for Camino pilgrims and friends, with the exception of the two dates labeled “required hikes for pilgrims pre-pilgrimage” on April 23rd and May 21st

SUNDAYS each month with Pastor Katie and Martha Whitney (if not raining or below 32 degrees)

  • October 23 at 1pm – Typical length of hike will be 4-5 miles in October
  • November 13, Nov 27 at 11:30am- Typical length of hike will be 5-6 miles in November
  • December 11 – Typical length of hike will be 5-6 miles in December
  • March 12, March 26 at 11:30am – Typical length of hike will be 6-7 miles in March
  • April 23 (10 mile hike)
    • April 23rd is a 10 mile required hike for pilgrims pre-pilgrimage
  • May 7 (7-8 mile hike), May 21 (10 mile hike)
    • May 21st is a 10 mile required hike for pilgrims pre-pilgrimage
  • June 11 at 11:30am- Final Sunday hike pre-Camino! (4-5 miles)

 (Note: If you absolutely cannot make the two required 10 milers, please schedule your make-up 10 milers with Martha directly)

Two WEDNESDAYS per month with Martha Whitney- length of hike will be 8 miles (food at mile 4!) Round trip about 3.5 hours, not counting stopping for breakfast/snack..

  • October 12, 26
  • Nov 2,16
  • December 7 (then skip mid-Dec through Feb.)
  • March 1, 15
  • April 5, 19
  • May 17, 31
  • June 7

Timing for the Wednesday hikes: Leave from the meet-up location at 8:00am and walk four miles into Georgetown and return. Those who wish to can have breakfast/snack/coffee at Leopold’s or coffee at Peets/Capital One Café. Anyone is welcome to return and not stay for snacks. Restrooms are open at Fletchers Cove, about 2 miles below the bridge.

Each Wednesday Walk will start at the bridge under the GW parkway, on Glebe Road, just above Chain Bridge on Glebe road. Coming down 123/Dolley Madison, turn right at the light at the intersection with Glebe Road. The parking lot is just over the bridge on the right. There are several spaces. Should they fill up, continue up Glebe road for several feet and take the first right toward Military Road. Then at the stop sign, turn right on Randolph and go down to the black railing on a bike path leading down to the first parking lot. There is plenty of room to park on Randolph.

**Full details on payment.  When you call, you will give your name and email. You will receive an email with a link “Accept Invite”. Accept.  Next page asks you to reset password, in fact, you are setting your password. Make a copy, this is your access to our trip.  At this site you will see full day-by-day details.  Next screen, enter the email address you gave them and then your new password.

Welcome Page, with your first name.   Click on the  center box, with our trip ID,, “See Details”.

On the left hand side of the next page, click on “Payment”.  Find your name. Click “Deposit”, scroll to the bottom of the page, accept Terms and Conditions. Click “Pay”. Fill in your card info. Scroll back to your name.  It will read “Paid” on the Deposit tab. You will receive a separate email confirming the payment.