Immanuel's Mission

Immanuel is a Christian community striving to embody God’s love through worship, service, education, and community.

As a fellowship of believers, the Immanuel congregation seeks to be faithful to the mission to which Christ has called us.

As a worshiping congregation, we gather around the Word of God with prayer, praise and thanksgiving.

As a welcoming congregation, we offer fellowship and acceptance to all who come to worship with us.

As a learning congregation, we support and nurture the spiritual journey of our children and ourselves.

As a witnessing congregation, we seek every opportunity to live out our faith in our daily lives.

As a nurturing congregation, we offer the love and support of an extended family.

As a serving congregation, we seek to follow Christ’s example by reaching out to the poor, the lost, and those burdened by hardship wherever they may be.

Immanuel’s Statement of Faith

We trust in a God who is with us: Immanuel.

An embodied God,

Who, in the truly human Jesus,
Gave us the clearest glimpse into the nature of divinity
By fleshing out both the cost and the power of love
In Jesus’ words and deeds, his life and death,
But who, through the mystery of Resurrection,
Would not let Jesus’ death, or ours, have the last word.

A challenging God,

Who, through the Spirit that was in Jesus,
Calls, pushes, and empowers us
To participate in embodying love in our lives as well,
By working to alleviate suffering, address injustice, and care for the Earth and its people,
Using our time, talent, energy, and material resources
To follow Jesus’ example by reaching out to the poor, the lost,
And those suffering hardship, wherever they may be.

A merciful God,

Who, through amazing grace,
Not only beckons us to express compassion and kindness
To others in their weakness and need,
But also meets us where we are, despite our all too evident human frailty,
Loving us enough to work transformation
In our lives and in the life of the world.

A guiding God,

Who encounters us in the words of scripture,
As we use our minds and hearts to interpret them,
Taking seriously both their context and our own,
But whose Spirit can also meet and lead us in conversations and meditation,
In literature and spiritual reading, in music, art, worship, and prayer,
And in the events of our daily lives as we seek to discern
How the God we read about in ancient texts speaks in our present,
Given the insights—and sometimes limitations—of modern physical and social science.

A gathering God,

Who is perhaps best experienced in community
And loves the whole world, no exceptions,
Making room at the table for all
Women and men, boys and girls,
Regardless of ethnicity, nationality, economic condition,
Age, color, creed, or sexual orientation,
And through the Holy Spirit enabling
Reconciliation, peace, and wholeness.

In life, in death, in life beyond death, God is with us.
We are not alone.
Thanks be to God.